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The country hubs of Yarrawonga and Mulwala continue to attract new residents from around the country. The attraction of this city is irrefutable: a striking landscape, access to excellent amenities, and the charm of the Australian countryside have combined to encourage a new cohort of homeowners to make the move here.


The combination of this new group, and the evolving tastes of new homeowners, has given rise to a wide variety of new housing styles. Home builders in Yarrawonga must cater to a number of new stylistic elements, emanating from a variety of buyer’s backgrounds and preferences. The urban set, from the big cities, is often attracted to the lower prices of real estate here. Consequently, a large back yard is a novelty, and home builders in Yarrawonga must be able to combine the desires of this group to the land being built upon.


The ex-urbanite has also brought a devotion to modern minimalist styling to the area. The no-frills designs, originally intended to be fitted in the smaller confines of the inner-city kitchen, have become a popular item.


But that is not to suggest that we have changed our ways. At Riches Homes and Improvements, we maintain our roots, and our extensive experience allows us to provide homes with varied styles, taken from all around the world. We are as adept at colonial builds as we are with the modern look.


As one of the more dynamic housing markets in northern Victoria, Yarrawonga home building continues to evolve and come in to its own. This trend is unlikely to stop, and at Riches Homes and Improvements, we enjoy changing to meet the times. Visit us to find out more!





























Yarrawonga lies on the border of New South Wales and Victoria, and serves as a regional hub for the surrounding area. The city is known for its country atmosphere and for Lake Mulwala, an impoundment of the Murray River, serving to provide opportunities for boating and fishing.

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Trends in Home Building in Yarrawonga