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Quality and Diversity


Nowhere is Australian innovation more apparent than in the small towns and rural areas that make up the northeast Victorian countryside. In urban centres professional skillsets are relatively narrow and people prefer to train themselves in specialised, niche roles. In less densely populated regions, however, diversification is a necessity. The ability to adapt the skills and resources of your workforce to a variety of tasks is a virtue and translates to greater efficiency and value for money. As the premier residential and commercial builders in Yarrawonga and surrounds, Riches Home & Improvements combines the best of both worlds.


We’ve taken the high standards of workmanship evident in urban projects and applied them to a range of small and large projects. After over three decades in the industry, we know the best building practices, use the latest methods and equipment and adhere to all occupational health and safety regulations.


What sets us apart from many other building firms though, is the vast range of projects we are capable of undertaking. You won’t find many construction companies who are as adept at restoring heritage homes as they are at building modern supermarkets. Whether you want to undertake renovations in Yarrawonga, are looking for a domestic builder in Cobram with an eye for detail or a large-scale commercial builder in Mulwala, Riches Home & Improvements have a dedicated, expert team for the job.


We love all the challenges this industry throws at us and the Riches Home & Improvements team has such a diverse range of skills that we are able to overcome these and produce some fantastic results. Whether we are engaged in the finer details of a small intricate awning on a colonial verandah or laying the vast concrete foundations of a large commercial building, we are equally at home and fully committed to the task at hand.


Riches Home & Improvement do much more than just construct though. We offer an end-to-end service and like to sit down with our clients from the outset and assist with the creative and design components of their projects. With such vast industry experience, we have developed an innate sense of what works from both an aesthetic and functional standpoint and can accommodate both in the final result. Let us apply our considerable expertise and diverse skills to your project and watch it unfold and exceed your expectations. For a commercial or residential builder in Yarrawonga and the rest of northeast Victoria, you couldn’t hope for better.

Riches Homes & Improvements, PO BOX 85, Mulwala, NSW, 2647, Phone: 03 5743 2672